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Krzysztof Hakenszmidt

  • 20+ years of experience
  • Technical Support, Development, Engineering, Architecture
  • Databases, warehouses, lakes
  • Programming (.NET/VB.NET/C#)
  • Web design & Graphics (HTML/CSS/Photoshop)
  • People management (small&medium teams)
  • Very good English
  • ITIL-certified
  • Krakow located

Hard skills

I love the fact we live in the most interesting times in human history. Technologies which surround us in today digital world are my apple in the eye. That's why I know many programming languages and database engines.


Final Cut Pro

Soft skills

Working as a team is my most favourite way of spending time. Leading small and medium teams of engineers has taught me that sometimes a sum of components is a way bigger than a result of a mathematical addition would suggest.


objection handling
career development
public speaking


Real enthusiasm is a magical ingredient which turns all my skills into hero's superpowers. When I fail I learn new things so at the end of a day I win;) Important note: even boring things with a bit of passion can become extremely interesting.


hand waving
eye blinking
corridor dancing
kitchen chatting
elevator small talk
comics drawing
cheering up

 3D Scan of me

Much Better than CV photo. Imaging data captured by Structure Sensor and presented in WebGL

  Some stats

I am a well suited person for many types of challenges – just check below bars. This can be helpful.

(Least worst 🙂
Soft skills
(I like other people)
(ITIL certified)
(Azure? AWS? GCP? I love them all!)

(I've made this website on my own, honestly)
(I prefer VB.NET rather than C#. My apologies.)
(Yeah, I know what deadlocks are...)

Product Data Management
(I'm a kind of a guru)
(I'm a kind of a guru)
(Great fan of translucent materials)
Adobe Photoshop
(not only face spots removal)


  Some history

My CV can be found on  LinkedIn but please take a look at below summary of my work experience.


  • SolidExpert

    2002. 3D Design Software. Implementations, Coding, Sales. CAD/CAM/PLM. www.solidexpert.com

  • Viatemis

    2014. Automotive. Project management & mechanical engineering. ISO 9001. www.viatemis.fr

  • Infosys Consulting

    2016. Consulting Service. Support Transition & Steady State Delivery. Service Now. www.infosysconsulting.com

  • WinCan

    2017. Software Development. QA / Test Cases & Scenarios. Jira/Qmetry. www.wincan.com

  • Brickendon Digital / HotDeskPlus

    2018. Software Development. CI/CD. DevOps. Azure. www.brickendon.com

  • ABB

    2019. API management. Architecture. Innovation. www.abb.com

  A bunch of photos

An American software company. A French Automotive manufacturer. An Indian IT leader. My professional life seems to be adventurous one. It became even better thanks to great people who surrounded me and helped to grow.

  • SolidExpert 2013 | Krakow. Few days before annual Polish User Conference where a self-made wooden working model of a trebuchet had been presented. Medieval siege machines are something which makes my blood flowing faster…
  • Viatemis 2015 | Montluçon. As a mechanical engineer working for the French automotive company I have learnt what an attention to details really means. I had also a chance to design my first injection mold for a plastic part.
  • Infosys 2016 | Bangalore. Support Transition from Indian stakeholder to Krakow Central Service Desk. Beside technical aspects it was a great opportunity to learn Indian culture and travel across one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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